Saturday, March 5, 2011

Promoted to Gold League

After being matched up against Platinum League players and having my face stomped, I was put up against a Gold League Zerg player.

What ensued was the most skill-less, awful game I've played in ages.

The map was Scrap Station, and after deflecting an early zergling rush, the game unfolded into the army blob scenario.  No pressure, just constant massing and then throwing units at each other.  I also exceeded 10,000 minerals -- a grand achievement indeed.

After a grueling hour and thirteen minutes, I had him starved and range mining off of gold minerals, one of the last two resource patches left on the map.  After breaking his last attack, I mopped up and finally won.  Glad to have that shit over with, I was met with the sardonic humor of the universe.

My reward for winning the special olympics was promotion to the Gold League.

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  1. Congratulations
    I hope to see a platinum update soon!